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Prints & Buttons for Medical Expenses

Social worker, sex worker, punk vocalist Queen.. she’s a badass person that you should take the time to know and help. She is sweet and fierce and the kind of friend that would give you more than half of what she has to make sure you are okay. She has taken her own funds to make meals to feed the hungry on just a random Tuesday and she looks out for others in the community by being vocal. I love that she cares about the de-stigmatization and safety of drugs and has given her time to offering testing and narcan to anyone needing help. She did this on the streets of one of the largest recreational drug areas in the US..Kensington. If there was a saint that was the punk mother of generosity I would say it’s Mckayla and she deserves to have that same helping hand while she is struggling to make ends meet.

She is in and out of the hospital recovering from an intensive surgery.


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